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Diego Beyró​​

Born in Buenos Aires in 1984, he studied Art Direction at the School of Creative Advertising (Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios). His background in the arts is largely self-taught. He is currently attending the work clinic of Andrés Waissman.He lived two years in Fabrica, a Research and Communication Center of the Benetton Group (Italy) where he worked as creative adverstiser and intensively explored the world of visual arts. 


Michael Manning​​

Born in 1985 and currently lives and works in L.A. He studied at BFA. New York University, Tisch School of The Arts. 2007 and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2011).


Eran Reshef​​

Eran was born in March 1964 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Enroled ling as first year student at Avni Institute of Painting and Sculpture, Tel Aviv and moved to NYC in 1989 and studied at the Parsons School of Design, New York.

Undergraduate studies at Brooklyn College under Lennart Anderson and won the Edward Shaw Memorial Award for Painting, CUNY both in 1992 and in 1994. Later, won the Julius Hallgarten Prize, National Academy of Design Museum with many to follow such as the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2003 and the The Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative Realistic painting, Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2010.


Bryan Lewis Saunderes ​​

Bryan Lewis Saunders (born 1969, in Washington, D.C.) is a painter, performance artistvideographer, and performance poet known for his disturbing spoken word rants, tragic art performances and Stand up tragedy.


On March 30, 1995, Saunders began drawing at least one self-portrait every day for the rest of his life.

For 11 days in 2001, Saunders conducted an experiment in which he ingested or inhaled a different intoxicant everyday and created a self-portrait under the influence documenting the effects of his altered perception.

On May 16th, 2010 Saunders performed in the Palau de la Virreina as part of the International Poetry Festival in Barcelona alongside Bibbe Hansen, Eugene S. Robinson and Lydia Lunch as "The Ugly Americans". 

Ilit Azoulay


Ilit was born in Jaffa 1972, and studied for her BFA and MFA at the

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Ilit's works have been presented in a variety of solo and group

exhibitions, including: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Herzeliya Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Petach Tikva Museum of Art. One of her works, 'Room#8', was recently acquired by The Center Pompidou,


Ilit resides and work in Jaffa, Israel.


Liron Kroll


Liron is a multidisciplinary visual artist, graduate of the Royal College of
Art in London.
Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, she currently works and lives in London. 
The themes of her work are driven from the inherent contradiction of needing to belong to a social structure, but being simultaneously repulsed by it. She creates uncanny photomontages that seem real but are actually invented realities and feeds off the tension and dissonance created by staging mundane, average moments in life.

Lita Cabellut


Lita Cabellut was born on 1961 in Barcelona, where she grew up in a poor Gypsy-environment.Her work is closely intertwined with the memories of the old area of Barcelona, El Raval, with closeness to the docks, La Bocquerai market, Las Ramblas and Sant Antonie market, replete with pickpockets, street performers and of course, prostitutes.

Michel Platnic


​​Michel Platnic, born in France, 1970. In 2010 he graduated with honours from Hamidrasha School of Arts, received the Shpilman Prize for Excellence in Photography, and was selected for Serge Tiroche’s St-Art incubator project for young artists. Platnic's work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums in Israel and abroad.

Yonatan Goldman

Yonatan is a promising young artist who uses different kinds of styles to express his unique signaute that includes mexed media, sounds and paint.

Tom Wesselmann



Tom Wesselmann (1931-2004) was a key member in the pop art movement. He studied the Hiram College in Ohio and at the Cincinnati University between 1945 and 1951. Later enlisted to the military service where he began to draw cartoons which had a strong influence on his career path.
Moving to NYC, he continued his works while attended Cooper Union School for Arts and Architecture in 1956. Able to make a living working as a cartoonist for several journals and magazines in addition to teaching at a high school in Brooklyn. At the end of the fifties a series of collages in small format were created being regarded as precursors of the later series "Great American Nudes" and "Still life" in big format.
Out of these collages he developed first nude depictions in 1960. His first single exhibition took place at the Tanager Gallery in New York in 1961. 

Iddo Markus 



Born 1979, Boston, US. Lives and works in Haifa Israel.


2011 Etching, Engraving & printmaking workshop, Haifa university

2004-2008 Hamidrash Art College, graduated with honors

2003 Drawing & Painting courses, School of visual arts, NY, US


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Michel Platnic

Three Studies for Portrait of Lucien Freud” - 2013